Grieving – How long does it last?

Grieving is a complex process, it is not the same for everybody and nobody reacts in the same way to it.

Factors such as attachment, type of death are really important in how an individual is going to face their grieving. For example, if you lose a co-worker that you have been working with for years, it is not the same process than if you lose your wife, or if you lose your cat, so the expectations in every single event are totally different.

Taking the previous paragraph as base line, it depends in how traumatic was the experience for you, there are cases when you know that someone is close to die, because of a terminal decease for example, then family and friends have “enough” time to confront the situation in a better way, because in fact they started already an internal grieving about that, so when this person dies they are not that impacted, but when you have to face the death of somebody because of an accident, that changes everything, it could be really traumatic and derive some other issues, including a severe depression for example.

So, in short, as you can see there is not a “standard” grieving time, all you have to do is “grieve” that grieve well, what do I mean by that?

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