What is an online tribute or memorial?

Like in real life, when a loved one dies family and friends get together to honor their life, remember what their likes and dislikes were, and speak about their life in general; You can do the same thing online and THAT is what we call an online memorial or an online tribute.

An online tribute is basically a space on internet for you to remember with your family and friends the life of your loved ones, no matter is it is a pet, a person or even a group.

This kind of spaces give the opportunity to give the honor they deserve online, usually you can add pictures, videos, histories, and more things depending on the tribute that you want to create, Biografield gives the opportunity to not only upload all the images that you want, but also gives the opportunity to add badges to the tribute, badges that represent the life of your loved one.

Online tributes are great options to have all those memories always in the same place, and pass them from generation to generation.

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